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International Women's Day Action Kit


Calling all Balance the Power supporters!

How fitting that the global theme for International Women’s Day 2024 (March 8) is “Inspiring Inclusion”? That’s what #BalanceThePower is all about!

Politicians are the target of our campaign, so let’s target them on IWD.

1000s of supporters pressuring politicians on the same day will have a massive impact!

4 actions to take on March 8

Computer mouse clicking

Action #1

3 speech bubbles

Action #2

3 speech bubbles. one with a thumbs up inside. one with a heart with a star inside.

Action #3

event calendar wtih microphone

Action #4

Action #1

Tell your three elected representatives that as their constituent, you expect them to take concrete action to #BalanceThePower.

woman on laptop.

Use our easy digital tool to email your federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal elected representatives with just one click. You can use the default message we’ve provided or modify it as you wish.

Action #2

Request a meeting with your three elected representatives.

man shaking a politician woman's hand.

Politicians are far more likely to take action on an issue when they know their constituents want them to. Meeting with them in person is a chance to make them aware of the campaign, personalize the issue, and put them on the spot to sign the pledge.

Call today to request a meeting on or around IWD!

Whether you go alone or with a few allies, be sure to print off the pledge, advocacy one-pager, and paths to parity document from our Mobilization Toolbox (password CHANGECANTWAIT) to share with the politician. Suggested talking points have recently been added to the toolbox.

Your meeting goals?

  1. Get them to sign the pledge 📝

  2. Get them to agree to encourage their colleagues to do the same 📣

  3. Get a photo! 📸

After your meeting, email to tell us how it went and forward the signed pledge!


The House of Commons is on recess from March 4 to 17. This means your member of parliament (MP) will likely be home around IWD. Ask to meet with them in their constituency office before they (or you!) go anywhere for March Break (March 11-15). 
Find your MP’s contact information on this search page

Make the request for a meeting to both their parliamentary (Ottawa) office and local constituency office where you live. Call asap, and don’t take no for an answer!


Find your provincial/territorial representative’s contact information through one of these legislative websites:

British Columbia






New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island


Northwest Territories



Most municipalities across the country have a website where you can find contact information for the mayor and councillors. Many of these websites offer a search tool to help you identify your particular municipal councillor based on your address.

Action #3

Host a social media party. 🎉

diverse group viewing a phone feed.

Invite people who might support this campaign to gather in person to make waves on social media. This could be in your home, workplace, community centre, or even a restaurant.

Have attendees talk directly to their elected officials about #BalanceThePower through social media. Find your three elected representatives’ social media accounts using the search function in Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Here is a sample post you can use or modify:

Hey [your MP or MLA or mayor or municipal councillor’s account handle], you know women, gender-diverse & equity-deserving communities are not equitably represented in #canpoli. As your constituent, I ask you to pledge to #BalanceThePower: #IWD2024 #InspiringInclusion

Then, get everyone to post about #IWD2024 & #BalanceThePower on all the channels!

Here are some ideas to use or modify:

NBD, just me and a few friends gathered on #InternationalWomensDay to demand our elected reps use their power to #BalanceThePower in 🇨🇦's governing bodies! What better way to celebrate the #IWD2024 theme #InspireInclusion? Join us: #canpoli (post with a group photo!)


To #InspireInclusion for #IWD2024, I’m part of a tidal wave 🌊 to change politics for good! Join me in demanding politicians #BalanceThePower to increase diversity & representation in 🇨🇦's governing bodies: #InclusivePolitics #canpoli

Politicians must #BalanceThePower in 🇨🇦's governing bodies so women, gender-diverse & equity-deserving folks are more equitably included in decision-making. That’s what #IWD2024 #InspireInclusion is all about! Join me to change politics for good: #canpoli

Action #4

Take #BalanceThePower to a local IWD event.

group of women gathered at an event and listening to a speaker.

Find an International Women’s Day event where you live and show up with printed campaign materials. Take lots of friends with you to help amplify this campaign and to support other advocacy initiatives happening in your area.

We recommend taking the printable leaflet and FAQs from our Mobilization Toolbox (password CHANGECANTWAIT) – your call!

Ways to find a local IWD event:

  • Use this search tool 

  • Google “IWD [your city/town] 2024” or “International Women’s Day [your city/town] 2024” 

  • Search social media channels using the same keywords

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