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Many hands coming together.

The Pledge

Canada has a problem with equitable political representation.

Politicians and political leaders: It's your responsibility to fix it.

What's at stake?

In the last 25 years Canada has fallen from 20th to 64th in the world when it comes to women’s representation in national parliaments. Today, elected bodies in Canada do not reflect the rich diversity of the people they serve. We know that political institutions that meaningfully include women and equity-deserving communities enjoy greater public trust and deliver better outcomes for everyone.  

Actions You Can Take to Balance the Power

It is our political leaders’ responsibility to increase diversity and representation of women and equity-deserving communities in our elected bodies. Start by signing the pledge to show your commitment to changing politics for good.

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Who should sign this pledge?

We invite current and former politicians, parliamentarians, active candidates, and political actors at all levels of government (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal) to sign this pledge. This includes current and former Members of Parliament, Senators, Members of the Legislative Assembly, Members of Provincial Parliament, Mayors, Reeves, municipal councillors, political parties and organizations, constituency associations, and political staffers.

How will Balance the Power use the pledge?

The Balance the Power campaign is making waves to increase diversity and  representation of women and equity-deserving communities in Canada’s elected bodies. Balance the Power will track and promote commitments made by political leaders and organizations, highlight innovative solutions to meaningful change, and inspire power holders to take meaningful action.

The Pledge

Do you believe in democracy? Commit to taking action now!

For democracy to be genuine, women and equity-deserving communities must be meaningfully represented in elected bodies. It’s time to Balance The Power, and I will help make it happen. 

I, [name] will take concrete action to increase diversity and representation of women and equity-deserving communities in Canada’s elected bodies. 

Sign the pledge now!

Rest assured Balance the Power and Informed Opinions will not share your email address with any third party nor subscribe you to any email series without your permission.

For inspiration, check out some of our Balance the Power solutions.

Thank you for signing!

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