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How well could an UCP or NDP government reflect Alberta's population? A look at the data

"Representation is fundamental to democracy ... but we have defaulted to geography as the only identity factor that we make sure is reflected, and that's just bananas",

said Shari Graydon

How well would a UCP or NDP government reflect Alberta’s population?

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and NDP Leader Rachel Notley are seen in a combination image made from Postmedia files.jpg

The only two Alberta political parties running a full slate of 87 candidates have both touted the diversity of those hopefuls, whether it comes to gender, ethnicity, religion or cultural backgrounds.

Based on campaign material, information provided by both parties and Statistics Canada numbers, Postmedia found New Democrat candidates collectively come the closest to mirroring the province’s population.

Visible minorities make up about 28 per cent of Alberta’s population, according to the latest federal census.

Just under 22 per cent — or 19 in total — of the United Conservative Party’s candidates are visible minorities, while about 29 per cent — or 25 in total — of New Democrat candidates are of a visible minority group, according to Postmedia’s analysis.


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