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Illustration of a tilted parliament building.

Did you know Canada ranks 64th in the world for women’s representation in national parliaments?

For democracy to be genuine, all voices must be meaningfully included in decision-making. It’s time to Balance the Power.

Politicians and political leaders:
Sign the pledge now!

Parliamentarians and political parties must do what leaders in 60+ other countries have done: take concrete steps to ensure that women and equity-deserving communities are effectively and equitably represented within Canadian politics.

Let’s demand political leaders take the first step by committing to making tangible change.

Why it’s time to Balance the Power

Research makes it clear: elected bodies that meaningfully represent the rich diversity of their constituents deliver better outcomes for everyone. When women and equity-deserving communities are better represented in decision-making, equality advances on all fronts: research is more reliable, social outcomes improve, and economies are more stable.

An added benefit? Balanced representation increases people’s trust in government.

Email Your Representative

Take Action: Tell political leaders that this issue matters to you.

Click below to send an email urging your federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal elected representatives to sign the pledge, then spread the word on social media!

But don’t stop here! There are lots of ways you can get involved to Balance the Power.


Missed our campaign launch on Jan 24?

You can still enjoy the full exchange about why/how balancing the power is essential for better policy outcomes featuring these influential voices: Anuradha Dugal, VP of community initiatives at Canadian Women’s Foundation; Chi Nguyen, executive director of Equal Voice; Aline Nizigama, CEO of YWCA Canada; Shari Graydon, founder/catalyst of Informed Opinions; Senator Donna Dasko; and Arezoo Najibzadeh of Oxfam Canada. Watch now!

Affordable Futures with Fora

Watch our insightful IG Live with Fora: Network for Change, featuring the brilliant Kassandra Neranjan – Gender Justice Advocate and author of Fora's latest report on a young feminist economy. Dive into our discussion on the cost of living and balancing the power for affordable futures.

Text reads: 66% of people surveyed in Canada are concerned, disappointed, surprised or angry to learn Canada ranks 61st in the world for women’s representation in national parliaments.
Text reads: 84% of people surveyed in Canada believe that if we Balance the Power, our elected bodies will better represent constituents and boost the economy.
Text reads: A majority of people surveyed in Canada believe that political parties or governments bear the most responsibility for achieving gender parity in politics.

Learn more about the research.

The following organizations join our call for increased diversity and representation in elected bodies in Canada.

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